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Light is Everything...!

And that's a fact in photography terms, light 'is' everything. Light is also one of those elements we take for granted especially when starting out on our photographic journey where little or no thought is given to it's structure or quality. And without it, we have no image!

Amidst COVID-19 and the June lockdown, we had some really good weather - some mild days, hot days and some days hotter than others; but on the whole mild and pleasant. Then the storms blew in bringing with it high winds, thunderclaps and rain - plenty of it! Teesside in the North East of England was no different with it's fair share and on one day in particular, witnessed the full brunt.

I hadnt looked at the weather that day and did'nt know what was evolving, so looking out the window and teh growing weather front, I knew there were images to be taken however, the main issue was deciding where to go in such a short time. The Infinity bridge in Stockton was one option but the Transporter bridge in Middlesbrough was the better. Could I get there in time before the deluge? Although by now the thunder and lightning was overhead. No point sitting and thinking about it.

The sky was black and thick with rain. The wind was up and thunder roared in the distance. I decided to leave the tripod in the car, increase my ISO and shoot handheld. The tripod is usually glued to the camera so this is not a common event I may add! Although the atmosphere was there, I needed the light on the boats and transporter to lift the image AND it happened! Composition was sound - although I cropped in post processing for a tighter crop.

The image prints beautifully on A3+ paper with great clarity and detail and all because of one element - Light!

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