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Angry Roots, Derwent Water.

Englands glorious landscape has been well trodden, painted, written about and photographed by thousands and none more so than the Lake District in the heart of Cumbria.

It's a Mecca for tourist of all ages and to some extent, a victim of it's own success. Lofty peaks and sparkling lakes offer a variety of interests for all. Take Derwent Water for example stretching from the market town of Keswick, southward to Borrowdale and it's infamous 'Jaws'. It's an easy 10 mile walk around it's shores on good paths although at certain times of the year, the rise and fall of the water level makes it more or less interesting. These tree roots with their gnarled knobs and stripped bark, are all created with what Mother Nature can throw at us.

It was a bright but overcast day on this occasion when doing some 'exploring' on the lake edge. I knew the conditions would suit this type of subject. Bright sunlight illuminating the roots would have created many problems with contrast which although could be worked on, would have meant more time at the computer than necessary. The main problem wasn't in finding the subject - for the lake side is strewn with roots, but in isolating smaller sections.

I had visualised a square composition and composed accordingly. Taken through a 24mm Tilt & Shift lens incorporating a 2° downward tilt, ensured front to back focus. Aperture was at f11 maximising the equality of the lens.

Gaining experience in shooting the intimate landscape, and under these lighting conditions, allows us to shoot images no matter what the weather.

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