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Bran Sands Wreck

For a 'relatively' small island, it's hard to imagine the amount of ship wreck's that litter our coastline. One source say there are over 90 known wrecks and at least 40,000 are waiting to be discovered. Many of course will never be seen; unless you take up diving, as they lie deep beneath the waves but some, such as this one at Bran Sands in Redcar, regularly displays it's seaweed encrusted hull.

I hadn't planned on going to the South Gare, Redcar (the actual location the wreck) and to be honest, I hadn't planned anything at all. But rising early'ish in order to drop my good wife off at work, I decided to pay the South Gare a visit. I knew I would miss the best of a colourful sky but also knew the tide would be at it's lowest by the time I'd get there. I had thought of the wreck en-route and the last time I had photographed it was at dusk. The sun had yet to rise above the sand dunes as I trudged across the sands in a zig-zag fashion, looking for the best angle. Although this position was one of a few on my mind, it wasn't until the sun breached the dunes and skimmed the ripples that I made the exposure. Exposure was straight forward at 1/10th sec @f11 with 2˚ tilt on the 24mm TS lens. It's always worth the effort to get up and get out but of course throwing the legs out of bed is the hard bit!

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