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Dunbar Castle

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Hailed as one of the strongest castles in Scotland, Dunbar Castle shows little grandeur from it's once mighty stronghold. But imagination is strong and it's easy to close one's eyes and transport the senses beyond battered battlements and crashing waves.

The original image was shot at dusk on a passing visit, but the blue light waged it's own battle against the saturated sandstone of the flailing walls.

This image was recorded on a 5D mk11 and 17-40 f4 lens which shows signs of flaws in quality and in particular at the edges of the frame. I also admit to my own fight in trying to balance the colours and thought a black and white conversion may be an alternative. Having been brought up in the dark art of producing monotone images under a red bulb, I find this process quite alien. Back in the day we loaded the camera with black & white film and that was it; unless you could afford to change mid-roll! The square format suited the image I feel, although I didn't visualise a square image at the time of shooting.

For me, a return visit has to be, with more planning regarding time of day, tide times and time of year. A better lens would help too not forgetting the correct choice of film! Ah, those were the days...

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Lovely work that has been thought about before pressing the shutter button.Looking forward to seeing the next lotWell done as always.


Nice pic John, well composed.

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