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Frozen Tarn...!

Tewet Tarn in the English Lake District is another one of those honey pots that attract photographers from all corners of the land. So why then did it take me all these years to go there? Well one answer could be 'I didn't know it was there' or 'I haven't had time' or maybe 'Everyone goes there' and that is more likely the answer. It's a phrase, which to be honest, is a pet hate of mine!

It's true, or so they say, that every inch of the UK has been photographed (well almost) and there are countless locations that many say have been done to death however, that shouldn't stop you from visiting, revisiting or going back on many occasions to those locations. Consider this, if we didn't visit a place because it has already been photographed, then surely there would come a point where no one would take photographs. We never hear of artists refusing to paint a scene because it's been done before!

So why had I not been here before? To be honest, I don't know! Iv'e known about it, seen photographs about and even talked about it, but it was just one of those places I never managed to get to.

It was a conscious effort to make this trip. Juggling work days, shifts, social lifestyle (yes really) and weather forecast eventually pinned down a day in early December 2019. Living on the east side of the country and the sunrise at the tarn being 08:20, meant an early start for the 1 3/4hrs drive. Adding the usual 'get up, get ready, get sorted when arrived and walk in' time, the alarm was duly set for 5am. Which in the grand scheme of things, ain't that early. At -5°c and a cloudless sky, the area was white with frost which slowly melted when the suns rays took hold. But the question is 'Will I go back now that I've been there'? Well Aye...!

Sony A7R mk2 & a Canon 100mm £2.8 Macro (it's all I had). 0.6Sec @ f16 ISO80

The image is part of a five stitch panorama.

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