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Get Out of Bed...

The run over to Sandsend was without incident. Damp but rain-free conditions and very little traffic - but what would you expect at 6am. However there was one downside to the journey, it was dark and a fair bit of cloud cover to boot. Now, I’m a firm believer of getting up and going – what’s the point of peeking out the bedroom window trying to judge what the weather is like thirty mile away! I did however wonder as we pulled up onto the moor out of Guisborough. I’ve come this far so I should continue was my attitude and before I knew it; we parked up in the car park at the north end of Sandsend.

The tide was still retreating with about 1/2hr to go and surprisingly, there was no one on the beach – no hikers, strollers nor dog walkers. There was a faint pinkness to the sky, which seemed to blanket the whole scene thanks to the absence of any real clouds. When I say ‘real clouds’ I do of course mean ‘Photographers Clouds’!

The image balances well with plenty of information from the pools of water and the groynes, to the distant town of Whitby, 4km away. Strange as it may seem, this coastline faces more north than east, and not due east as we could easily believe. It’s worth mentioning that had the cloud cover been less and more dramatic, the scene would have had a totally different feel. A severe crop has been applied too, in order to strengthen the composition.

As for the techy bit, Shot on a Sony A7R11 & Canon 100mm f2.8

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