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Is it Worth It...?

Interesting question really and one which we should consider. So last week amidst a 7 day break up in Plockton, Scotland whilst the rain was pouring (dawn till dusk), we ate well, drank well and without any doubt had a great time. And, although this image is typical to what I may take in this setting, I will admit that on the odd occasion I ask myself 'is it worth getting the camera out'? The simple answer is of course it is - It has to be!

There is so much more going for this image than repeating a style I have taken many-a-time. For a start, it's not an area I have spent any real time at, so with that, it is relatively new; certainly at dawn! It has a sense of balance throughout although not great and does have its faults, but what is important is how I remember how I felt, the conditions, the atmosphere, the feeling of solitude and that everyone else is still in their kip missing this experience.

As for the elements within the image, it is constructed of horizontal bands. The band of foreground rocks, the sea, the horizon, the lighter sky, the red cloud and the darker sky above. Unfortunately the band of red increases our perception of separation in the sky allowing for the top to be darker than it is. OK, it can be fixed in PS or LR no end, however I still wanted to retain the feeling of a darker sky up above and an area of brightness where the sun is rising. Adding to that, although the black 'wedge' of the slipway is man-made, it helps in breaking the band of water. I think what is most important though, when we brush aside the pro's and con's of this or any image, is that we are still practicing our craft which, given any condition, allows us to concentrate more on the aesthetics of the image than the technicalities.

Sony A7R11, Canon 17-35 f4, 13sec @16.

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