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Organised Chaos

Organised Chaos - A contradiction in terms or an echo of the world we live live? Certainly to many persons living in the UK, the mess that looms on the horizon for us in the way of Brexit, could fall in to that category (in fact probably does) where no one seemingly knows which direction we are going. Being of the shy type(!), I prefer to stay clear of politics but somehow find the Brexit issue sneaking in to this image.

We have the head-strong blue & white bow of the Tories boat pushing in from the right and the red of Labours vessel facing away to the left, and... showing the Tories it's backside. Beyond that is the total chaos of smaller craft with not much room for manoeuvre and a bleak & foggy horizon with no clear direction to move in!

Here at the South Gare on the Tees estuary, the tiny fishing boats shelter in harbours when not in use and are actually well organised. Still waters and a misty atmosphere add to the image as does the cross-processing effect created.

For the techy bit, Canon 5D MK11 & 16-35L f4. 1/4sec @f11

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