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The South Gare, Teesside's Jewel.

For many people, the South Gare may not mean too much, but for the fishermen who's livelihood depends on this picture postcard location, it means everything.

One would be excused to think that this finger of land jutting out into the River Tees estuary, has always been here but that's not the case. Built in the period

1861-1884, it's had a varied and interesting life housing a railway, war defences (including supplying submarines with mines) defence batteries and lifeboat station. A lighthouse also stands guard at the end of the 2 1/2 mile extension. These days the coast guard watches over the river entrance and the Fishermans association command the three harbours; Guy's Hole, Powder Hole and Paddy's Hole being the more famous. The later getting it's name from the many Irishmen who helped build the Gare.

The black & white image here, shows a cropped selection (cropped in-camera) of the fishermen huts shrouded in mist. Glassware was a 100mm f2.8 macro lens and not something you would associate with a landscape image!

A larger image can be seen in the 'England' Gallery.

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