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Unplanned Timing...!

So, how often does this happen? You're out for a wander - nothing special, maybe a stroll in the park, through the town or in this case, down by the river. But this ain't just any old river - this is the Firth of Forth. Anyway, you take your camera with you (all photographers do - right!) because who knows what occurance may happen out of the blue that will offer you the opportunity to grab a shot. This night was no different although I was carting more than just my camera on my back.

The tide was receding and as I remember it, the 'Forth' was pretty calm. Walking down the slipway below the 'Forth Bridge', I was aware of the fact that the sun was dipping fairly fast and wasn't far off the horizon. Having taken a couple of images, I then realised that the angle of the sun's decent may coincide with the edge of the Queensferry Crossing bridge. With camera on tripod, I didn't need to move as the positioning was spot on!

Wispy cloud helped in holding back the brightness of the sun, aided by a 3 stop Lee grad. ISO was 50 producing an exposure of 0.3secs @f18.

Now that's good timing...

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